Do a New Thing

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut in life and in our art. We bob along with out daily routine with work and chores and for most of us we try to sandwich our art in between it all.

I have been focused of late on my web site and updates. And I haven't even taken time to see the new opportunities that are all around me. When right in the center of our little town on the main street is our local gallery run by faithful volunteers. It's a wonderful venue for artists to show and sell their art as well as be a part of their web site . I was honored to be accepted into their ranks and now have lots of other opportunites opening up for me through the local art community.

Last month I entered my first show with them a Peoples Choice event and I'm thrilled to have managed to do one new thing. That feels so good and now I'm wondering what else I've been missing. Give it a try and do one new thing for your art this week, this month or this year. You'll be glad you did too.


For every thing there is a season; A time for every purpose under heaven; A time to sow seed; A time to reap.

Ecclesiates: 3:1-2

Your creations are beautiful.
Cam B.

About Shelley

For designer and artist Shelley Barr, "God is in the details". This belief has earned her the affectionate nickname "the detail lady". Whether Shelley is creating a textile wallhanging or mixed media on canvas, it's her attention to details that makes the difference.